The restaurant is quaint and definitely farm style. The food is excellent and of good value. All our dishes are freshly prepared with the hungry in mind. We serve a selection of Toasted Sandwiches all made on our daily baked farm bread with chips (real potatoes, not frozen), or homemade Pies for the not so hungry. Our Tripe & Trotters, locally known as 'Afval' is world renowned and so too our Ox-Tail. We always have Fish and Calamari and other amazing dishes such as Bobotie or Eisbein. If you're after something sweeter, maybe just a scone with some strawberry jam and fresh cream and a strong filter coffee or a slice of Lemon Meringue with a pot of Earl Grey tea to break the monotony of your long trip. On a Saturday and Sunday we do our Legendary Buffet Breakfast that is charged per weight. This unique system allows you to take as much or as little as you like and only pay for what you take. Sunday lunch is also a Buffet affair and can also be split into a number of dishes that are lighter and cheaper. The Buffet consists of soup, rice, potatoes, two vegetables and three different meats and and completed by a dessert.
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